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Typ miestnosti - Kúpeľňa ✖
Tvar zrkadla - Zaoblené ✖
Zbierka - AmbientLine ✖
Systém LED osvetlenia - Osvetlenie okolo zrkadla ✖
Systém LED osvetlenia - Osvetlenie v hornej a spodnej časti zrkadla ✖
Systém LED osvetlenia - Osvetlenie po bokoch zrkadla ✖
Orientácia zrkadla - Horizontálne ✖
145.00 €
145.00 €
145.00 €
170.00 €
170.00 €
145.00 €
145.00 €
145.00 €

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The rounded LED mirror is a particularly fashionable design element in the bathroom.
The bathroom mirror becomes a light source that provides soft mood light and better visibility during your daily routine.
The rounded mirror is a fashionable, modern and, above all, universal proposal.


LED illuminated mirror - just the way you need it!

LED illuminated mirror - just the way you need it!
A mirror with lighting makes a statement in any modern bathroom. Experience a sense of luxury and comfort every day. Customize your illuminated bathroom mirror to your liking.
With a wide selection of many quality options, you can turn your LED mirror into a unique item that you will enjoy for years to come!
Your LED lighted mirror can be assembled according to your wishes. You can easily enter your desired configuration on our website. You can change from a basic model to a mirror that suits your needs in no time.

What you can change and add:


  • - All desired dimensions
  • - Different light colours to suit your wishes and interior
  • - Backlight switches
  • - Weather stations, clocks, tablets
  • - Cosmetic mirror with 3x magnification
  • - Heating mat to prevent fogging of the bathroom mirror
  • - Speakers with an operating range of up to 10 m


Quality of Artforma products!

As a leading manufacturer of LED backlit mirrors in Europe, we are constantly improving our products.
The mirrors with lights and bathroom cabinets we offer are guaranteed to be the highest quality product with hundreds of configuration options.
Each product is made with the utmost care, by hand - to individual customer order.
Choose your perfect mirror from hundreds of models and designs. Rectangular mirror, round mirror, ellipse mirror- All in one online store!

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